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  1. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (3 Cyl. Models)
    Hello guys, during my holidays I found, that motorbike gets overheated - the fan did not work which was problem on traffic lights during summer. When I got back home, I swapped two relays (in total there are 4 mounted on battery bracket), after that, the fan started working, but the headlight...
  2. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hey folks, bit of a weird one this. Started the bike up the other day (laid up over winter), left her ticking over to get up to temp and suddenly the headlight bulb goes off. I assume it's a bulb, but do a quick check of all other lights and the indicators (front and rear) on the left have...
  3. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Looking to replace my cracked Rivale headlight, I am based in the UK.
  4. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (3 Cyl. Models)
    First mv is a 2013 F3 675 I love it but it keep breaking down on me. So the issue is when i turn my bike off and remove the key the headlight and display stays on and when i turn the bike on the headlight turns off, everything else runs normal. The display reads beam relay / can line. I have...