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  1. F4 - 1st Gen. 1998-2009
    Hello guys, It's been 7 months I own my F4. It's a 1000S from 2005. I did lots of update (radiator bracket/ mitch's hub/ manfred fan etc...) I also purchased and installed adam's chip (decat+RG3 exhaust map). From the first ride, I smelt unburnt gas and the fuel consumption was high at end...
  2. MV Related Classifieds
    Looking for inexpensive gen 1 F4 monoposto seat and rear bumper to do custom reupholstery. Existing upholstery coming off, just need plastic and foam in decent condition. US seller, to minimize shipping costs to 85006 Phoenix. Thanks
  3. F4 - 1st Gen. 1998-2009
1-3 of 3 Results