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  1. 2015 f4 header pipe length

    Customising and Performance Section
    Does anyone know the header length of 2015 F4 header pipe length? Also need the mid pipe length aswell? Thanks
  2. Lithium batteries in 1st Gen F4?

    Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    I think my battery in my 2005 F4 1000S is near end of life and want to replace it. I found this lithium battery: Has anyone here used lithium...
  3. F4 1000 r / rr / rc

    ECU Studio
    Available ROMs F4 1000 / R 0515F038 0515FA38 0515FB38 0515FC38 0515FD38 0515FE38 0515FF38 0515FG38 0515FI38 0515FK38 - open exhaust/decat 0515FW38 - open exhaust/decat 0516F039 0516FA39 0516FB39 0516FC39 0516FD39 0516FE39 0516FF39 0516FG39 0516FI39 0516FM39 0516FK39 - open exhaust/decat...
  4. Possibly buying F4 - questions pls

    New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Hello, I am thinking about getting a F4 1000 base model, I have seen a beautiful one owner 2014 model, low kms totally standard, right colours, with an official dealer so a proper guarantee for a year. I have a Ducati 1198s and have decided that I haven’t suffered enough so maybe it’s time I...
  5. Hello from New Zealand

    New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Hi all, new member from NZ. The 2016 F3 800 was my intro to MV magic. It ticked all the boxes, looked sexy af and gave me chills everytime i turned it on and felt that tripple buzz beneath me. The QD exhaust had a growl that turned into a roar and was just too addictive. Unfortuately I got...
  6. FOR SALE: Tamburini #211 - ONE OWNER ORIGINAL!!!

    For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    It is SOLD!!! What is it? A complete and all original ONE OWNER 2005 MV Agusta f41000 Tamburini #211/300, and possibly the most cared for motorcycle in the world. How much is it? $25,000.00 USD, or Best Offer over $25K if I can possibly get two of you two fight for it. Is the price...