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  1. How to get the fan run earlier

    Hi, this is one who is suffering from overheating. Is there any way to get the fan to run earlier?? (except manually switch) like : adjust the wires of the heat sensor..? some say it's a production defect, but I expect it to get better.
  2. My New F3 Sectioned Wheel Rim Tape / Sticker Decals

    Customising and Performance Section
    Hey all, Just wondered what you guys thought of my new sectioned wheel rim tape/stickers, I have also made a video here: Ross
  3. New to MV and This Forum (F3 800 Owner)

    New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Hey All, Looking forward to sharing experiences with my F3 800 on here, I have already made some videos showing the sound difference between the standard exhaust and the SP racing one, As well as how to install it to the bike :) Chat soon
  4. Newbie

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    Hi all, I'm Audrey own a 2017 MV F3 800 Matt black with few mods - I commute / ride everyday but also go to the track with her :) Ho yeah I have named her Onyx :) I do have a few questions as I have experience a fair number of issues since the purchased less than a year ago ... I'm already...
  5. MV F3 800 RC... on its way ;-)

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    Good evening from London. My first MV bike, apart from all the horror supply stories , what do i need to change / look at to improve?