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    Available ROMs F3 675 0516S064 0516S071 0516SA64 0516SA71 0516SB64 0516SB71 0516SC64 0516SC71 0516SG64 0516SG71 0516SH64 0516SH71 0516SJ64 0516SJ71 0516SK64 - open exhaust/decat 0516SK71 - open exhaust/decat 0516SW64 - open exhaust/decat 0904EK14 - Euro4, open exhaust/decat F3 800...
  3. Newbie

    New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Hi folks. I’ve been following this site for years but only just got round to signing up fully. I was all set on buying an early F3 800 a few years back but tales of dropped valves etc put me off. I know the latest bikes are now mostly sorted but I can’t help thinking I’d be buying on outdated...
  4. Who's interested in F3 tank protectors ?

    Customising and Performance Section
    Hey guys .. .I might do a bulk order of sexy F3 tank protectors. As you know it is a PITA to find something for the F3. Just looking to see how much interested there is before I bulk order, and how many. I have links and photos on my site at the moment, but waiting on inventory. Do not...
  5. looking at a 2015 F3 800 and hello

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    hey Guys, Im looking at a 2015 F3 800 with 26000 km on the clock in Australia, And wanted some advice on what faults to look for, and what updates to the stock ecu and rest of the bike should be present. This will be my first single sided swing arm bike I will purchase and was wondering what...
  6. Hello from New Zealand

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    Hi all, new member from NZ. The 2016 F3 800 was my intro to MV magic. It ticked all the boxes, looked sexy af and gave me chills everytime i turned it on and felt that tripple buzz beneath me. The QD exhaust had a growl that turned into a roar and was just too addictive. Unfortuately I got...
  7. New to the forum and MV

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    Been reading the forum for a while making the decision to purchase the MV I have had my eye on for years. As of last Friday I am now the owner of a 2014 MV F3 800 (well it is in my garage now I actually bought it a couple weeks ago.) Finally had a day above 45 degrees here in MN so decided I...
  8. New Member QLD Hello

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    Hi Guys, I hope to be an active member of this community when I finally pull the trigger on the new F3 800 set to come in the later part of this year. Ever since first laying eyes on the f3 800 I have been saving my 5c coins and doing as much research on the bike and company as possible...
  9. Ed from the Philippines

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    Hey guys, I own an F3 800 2013 and once registered here in the forums last 2013. I'm just reading all of MV Agusta F3's underlying problems and fixes. I'll now take this chance to ask for your ideas since I'm introducing. Here's the story: I already did a lot of fixes on my bike. Here are the...