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  1. Greetings from UAE

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    Hi, I bought the F3 675 today. The bike is being setup in the showroom, and will get delivered to me, probably on Wednesday. The bike is a 2019 model, blue-charcoal grey colour combo. Not my first choice, but it’s the only colour available. A bit flashy for my taste, but I think the charcoal...
  2. F3 675 / 800

    ECU Studio
    Available ROMs F3 675 0516S064 0516S071 0516SA64 0516SA71 0516SB64 0516SB71 0516SC64 0516SC71 0516SG64 0516SG71 0516SH64 0516SH71 0516SJ64 0516SJ71 0516SK64 - open exhaust/decat 0516SK71 - open exhaust/decat 0516SW64 - open exhaust/decat 0904EK14 - Euro4, open exhaust/decat F3 800...
  3. Who's interested in F3 tank protectors ?

    Customising and Performance Section
    Hey guys .. .I might do a bulk order of sexy F3 tank protectors. As you know it is a PITA to find something for the F3. Just looking to see how much interested there is before I bulk order, and how many. I have links and photos on my site at the moment, but waiting on inventory. Do not...
  4. New F3 Rider from The North Country

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    Hi All, Recently new MV Agusta owner back in September 2019, of a 2014 F3 675 with 5km on it. yes 5km.. Not 5000km. Man this thing is a beast and I already put the 1,000 km break in on it. Based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. YouTube'r and semi moto vlogger. Can't wait to ride this thing...
  5. Italian CIV winning F3 2015

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    Hi all I am Jakob from Athens I have a UNIQUE bike for sale: An opportunity to acquire the 2015 CIV Italian championship winning bike. The bike has been built and fully serviced by Laguna Moto Racing Italy. Laguna Moto Racing is one of the worlds leading MV AGUSTA track bike builders...