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  1. Customising and Performance Section
    What do you think guys, would you do this or is it a complete waste of time? Please go gentle... I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I'm a stickler for a clean bike! Skip to 14:40 to see before and after if you don't want to watch the whole thing.
  2. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Tough times, decided to sell my '04 Brutale 750 S. Here are the goodies that came off to restore it (mostly) back to stock. Photos are all at the bottom, asking prices are US. Happy to answer any questions I'm in Los Angeles and willing to drive a bit if there's someone local-ish that is...
  3. F4 - 2nd Gen. 2010+
    Hello peeps. I have a few more (probably stupid) questions regarding my F4. The more I look into this bike the more I can see it has not been treated well. It was sat for a very long time and has basically rotted in places so I have decided to start stripping down - That is where I am at right...
  4. Customising and Performance Section
    Just ordered a carbon fibre heat shield and need to remove the old one, two screws are easy but the one on the inside is hard to get at, do you need a special tool or is there an easy way. Cheers. Steve.
  5. Customising and Performance Section
    Does anybody know if there is a link pipe available for a 2013 800 Brutale to mount my SC Projects can at High level. I've seen the works F3 bikes with them & I don't have passenger pegs so that wouldn't be a problem.
  6. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    For sale is a Bodis slip-on from my MV F4 2010. Selling because I am selling the bike. $1400 + shipping. Shipping from Atlanta. Also selling locally. Will ship actual cost since using original packaging, based on buyer preference and provide tracking number. Exhaust is already packed and ready...
  7. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (3 Cyl. Models)
    Hello, i got my QD Exhaust for my Brutale 800 from 3 months, truly i'm satisfied of it ; now ,i would like to remove one baffles (and maybe i will remove one more and so on :D ) then when i tried to remove one baffles i saw it was hard to remove the screw and bolt , in fact the screw easy got...
  8. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (3 Cyl. Models)
    Problems problem fixed thanks Alex
  9. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
  10. Customising and Performance Section
    Some pics of a standard midpipe after cat removal.