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exhaust upgrade

  1. Customising and Performance Section
    I'm looking at picking up a Zard 3 to 1 Penta exhaust kit and am wondering about noise levels. The Zard website says roughly 102db and they have a db-killer that will reduce sound by roughly 4db. The one thing I can't quite figure out is a what distance they measure this since it appars to be...
  2. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hi all, I thought I would share my videos of my completed mod to my exhaust. My bike is a 312r 2007 model. I upgraded the pipes to 1078 pipes. And I was lucky enough to find a second set of these to do this mod. For those who are familiar I have done the full GAZMAN Mod As recommended by a few...