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  1. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    I double ordered from member Merc07, his upgraded eprom tuned eprom sorts out all the issues of the fueling, ebs, twitchy on/off throttle and hot temps... Fits those with No Cat, straighter pipes (like Bodis) better filter. My bad, your good. Smoother bike, cooler running as the fan comes on...
  2. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Hi there! Looking to buy a better eprom for my 2007 brutale 910r. I currently have a racing one, and my gas mileage is absolutely terrible (and that gas smell...) Worst case, I have the stock one, but I was wondering if anyone was selling one with a better enjoyment/gas mileage ratio...
1-2 of 2 Results