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  1. F4 1000 r / rr / rc

    ECU Studio
    Available ROMs F4 1000 / R 0515F038 0515FA38 0515FB38 0515FC38 0515FD38 0515FE38 0515FF38 0515FG38 0515FI38 0515FK38 - open exhaust/decat 0515FW38 - open exhaust/decat 0516F039 0516FA39 0516FB39 0516FC39 0516FD39 0516FE39 0516FF39 0516FG39 0516FI39 0516FM39 0516FK39 - open exhaust/decat...
  2. F3 675 / 800

    ECU Studio
    Available ROMs F3 675 0516S064 0516S071 0516SA64 0516SA71 0516SB64 0516SB71 0516SC64 0516SC71 0516SG64 0516SG71 0516SH64 0516SH71 0516SJ64 0516SJ71 0516SK64 - open exhaust/decat 0516SK71 - open exhaust/decat 0516SW64 - open exhaust/decat 0904EK14 - Euro4, open exhaust/decat F3 800...
  3. Dragster 800 / RR / RC

    ECU Studio
    Available ROMs Dragster 800 0515D010 0515D022 0515DA10 0515DA22 0515DB10 0515DB22 0515DC10 0515DC22 0515DE10 0515DE22 0515DG10 0515DG22 0515DW10 0515DW22 0516D011 0516D023 0516DA11 0516DA23 0516DB11 0516DB23 0516DC11 0516DC23 0516DE11 0516DE23 0516DG11 0516DG23 0516DW23 0516DW11...
  4. Brutale 800 / RR

    ECU Studio
    List of available ROMs Brutale 800 0515B036 0515B042 0515BA36 0515BA42 0515BB36 0515BB42 0515BC36 0515BC42 0515BE36 0515BE42 0515BG36 0515BG42 0515BW36 - open exhaust / decat ROM 0515BW42 - open exhaust / decat ROM 0516B038 0516B044 0516BA38 0516BA44 0516BB38 0516BB44 0516BC38 0516BC44...
  5. Brutale 675

    ECU Studio
    Brutale 675 List of available ROMs 0511N040 0511NB40 0511NC40 0511NF40 0511NG40 0511NH40 0511NJ40 0511NW40 - Open exhaust/decat ROM 0516N034 0516N041 0516NA34 0516NB41 0516NC34 0516NC41 0516ND34 0516NF34 0516NF41 0516NG34 0516NG41 0516NH34 0516NH41 0516NJ41 0516NW34 - Open exhaust/decat...
  6. ECU Studio update

    Customising and Performance Section
    Hi all, long time no see. So what's being going on with ECU Studio? In the last 2 (maybe 3) years I made some _huge_ but invisible steps forward and had a really hard time keeping up with MV Agusta updates. The latest ROMs releases from MV are finally "lined up", that's an amazing news for me...