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    Greetings everyone! Happy to join the community together with my recently acquired '07 Brutale 910S. I've been pretty lucky to get one with only 1200km on board, first sold by the dealer in 2018 :) Guess they liked the looks too much to let her go.. All seems to be fine after 3 days we...
  2. Brutale B4 Screw and Associated Tap Size List

    Brutale B4
    Which tap sizes would be best to add to shop tools? Which (Thread Pitch Sizes) are correct for early MV screws? General Purpose Tap Closed-End Hole Screw Size x Pitch / Tap Size M4 x (0.75mm, 0.70mm) / M5 x (1.00mm, 0.90mm, 0.80mm) / M6 x 1mm / 5.00mm M8 x (1.25mm, 1.00mm) / M10 x (1.50mm...