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  1. Brutale B4
    Finally got the summer (now winter) list done. Next round will include sprocket goodies & brembo radial master’s on the clip-on’s with custom galfer lines. powdercoated wheels & rosso ii tires galfer rotors & new sintered pads MV rearsets & quick release tank cap carbon galore (still awaiting...
  2. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    I’m selling my ‘05 Brutale 750 with 20,xxx km on the clock. It has an Arrow slip-on(still have stock) and some carbon fiber parts on the intake inlets, radiator covers, and front fender. The bike has never had a crash and is garage kept. Recently, it’s had an oil change and I’ve also rebuilt the...
    €4,500 EUR
  3. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Looking for RIGHT side carbon fiber panel. 03 brutale oro. But I'm sure the panel is interchangeable with multiple older models. Non carbon fiber panel is ok too, for now. other side panel shown for reference Thanks !!
  4. New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Anyone know how to gain access to the 2019 on Brutale 800RR? It's different to the 2018, looks like might have to remove/lift the tank? Any workshop manual images or video clips of process? Thanks
  5. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Who knew I would be back so fast! The dealer only supplied one key and no codes with the bike. I have been shopping around to see if I can get a spare key made but no response from ECU Meister, and a post here (yes I searched) says that Jim is out of business? Where is the goto place for keys...
  6. New to me Brutale 1090RR

    I picked this up from Melbourne yesterday, looking forward to a long relationship with this hothead.
  7. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Ok, I’ll start off by saying that I had a fuel leak. I started the bike recently to warm it up and then I noticed something leaking out of the back, right side of the bike. It was fuel flowing onto the exhaust, haha great!!! So I wanted to pull the tank and see where it was coming from. I...
  8. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Hello, I am looking for the retracting rear passenger pegs from a dragster 2018+. If anyone removed them and would like to sell please let me know. thank you
    $1 USD
  9. Customising and Performance Section
    Hello, so I am picking up a 800 rr brutale and the owner had the rear set removed. He installed cnc racing rear set. Which also removed the passenger pegs. Im wondering if the retracting ones from the dragster would fit the brutale? thank you
  10. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Hi again. I’m still in the market for a 1078 Brute. Anyone on this forum looking to sell? Thanks in advance
    $1,234 USD
  11. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Having an odd issue with my Brute. Was out riding the other day and noticed after a hard pull that the engine would not rev when I blipped the throttle for a downshift. Pull up to a light and confused, I shift into neutral. Give it a rev and the bike rev's freely like normal. Back into first...
  12. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hey all, so I’ve removed and disassembled my water pump because I had some drips. Couldn’t tell if it was the weep hole or housing oring. Screw it, reseal the whole thing. So Ive got it out and separated along with the snap rings removed. Now there is a seal trapped behind the two bearings I...
  13. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Immaculate Brutale 800RR, 2 Owners, 10200 miles. Owned by me for 3 years during which I put 5000 miles on it. Bought from Wheels (MV Dealer) in Peterborough. Radiator shroud, air intakes, cooling ducts, rear hugger and exhaust shield all Design Corse gloss carbon. Standard parts available if...
    £7,500 GBP
  14. New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Hello everyone, Newbie on the forum here. I recently bought a 2017 MV Agusta Brutale 800 at my local dealership here in Chile, and it was sold as a 2017 model. Yesterday, I was looking at accessories (tail-tidy, crash protectors) and after asking some questions to the store, I figured out that...
  15. Customising and Performance Section
    I know there have been a couple threads on the forum over the years of clip-on endeavors, but wanted to share my experience for anyone considering them. As I had them on my Ducati Monster with fantastic results, I reached out to Woodcraft to see if they would be able to make a custom 58mm set...
  16. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hello Im changing my fuel lines and noticed that my airbox breather pipe is disconnected 😨 Im pretty sure that the last maintenance guy forgot to plug it... & wouldnt be the first time they forget or neglect to perform something. I think I rode around 700KM with it this way... What are the...
  17. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hello! I've smelled gasoline near my motorcycle. After a quick check I've found what is listed in the video. The problem seems to be on the right side support of the fuel tank. Any ideas why/how and what to do? Thank you!
  18. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Ok so I figured Inwould put a small write up here. Over a period of about a month, my cooling fan started coming on later and later and then eventually didn’t come on at all once the bike was hot. I looked it up in the manual and it’s supposed to come on at 100 Celsius. I also found in the...
  19. For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Preferably but not essentially in red and even more preferably in the UK. Not looking for anything particularly pristine.
  20. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hello, I have bought a STS Smart Break Module. I can't find anywhere the association between "power", "signal" and "ground" color scheme for my MV Agusta Brutale 750. As far as I can see my conectors are described as below: Blue, Green, Brown/Black => Brown, Green, Yellow The STS Smart Break...
1-20 of 53 Results