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  1. WTB: Brutale 910s Parts

    For Sale/Wanted - MV Related Items Only !
    Hi guys! Im looking for some specific parts for 2006 910s If you or anyone you know has any of these parts for sale please lmk 1 Screw flange M6 Part number 8A0089786 (Radiator bracket screw) Cover inspection, Crankshaft Part number 80B0B3436 (The F4 logo cap on the left side) 4 Screw...
  2. Battery indicator on, weird engine sound, loss of power

    Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hi everyone, Something weird is happening to my Brutale. I guess the best way to describe the issue would be to post the timeline of events. 1. I had an issue where the starter was clicking but not turning the engine. Replaced the starter solenoid with the Yamaha one ( as per this thread -...
  3. MV Agusta Brutale 910S

    New Member Introductions- Welcome to
    Greetings everyone! Happy to join the community together with my recently acquired '07 Brutale 910S. I've been pretty lucky to get one with only 1200km on board, first sold by the dealer in 2018 :) Guess they liked the looks too much to let her go.. All seems to be fine after 3 days we...
  4. 910S - need to press the starter button 100 times to start the bike

    Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hi Guys, I started having this weird issue some time ago. Basically whenever I try to start the bike I just get the click and nothing happens. What I noticed though is that if I just keep repeatedly pressing the starter button like crazy the engine will eventually crank and the bike will start...
  5. Brutale 910s engine cover. Where to find?

    Brutale B4
    Hi all, Can someone please help me finding a cover like this? I saw this pic somewhere here on the forum. Did quite a bit of searching but no luck. Thanks!
  6. Brutale 910S - a fuel injector died. Has anyone tried using Chinese IWP156 injectors?

    Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hi all, One of the fuel injectors on my Brutale apparently has failed. Everything was working fine and then suddenly the engine started misfiring and losing power. I had a feeling that one of the cylinders stopped working. Took the bike to a mechanic here in Sydney and they told me the bad...