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  1. Hi Everyone

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    Hi Guys and Girls, Just signed up so I'll introduce myself. Names Jayson from Sydney Australia. Purchased a B3 800 2017, in January this year. Already have 6000KM's clocked up and have loved every one of them.
  2. New Member QLD Hello

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    Hi Guys, I hope to be an active member of this community when I finally pull the trigger on the new F3 800 set to come in the later part of this year. Ever since first laying eyes on the f3 800 I have been saving my 5c coins and doing as much research on the bike and company as possible...
  3. Potential Member

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    Howdy from Australia. I am looking at a F3800 ABS 2014 with 8000K's up, and thought it would be wise to register here first! :smile2: Mainly I was wondering if it worth holding out for a 2015/16, or if the 14 is very similar? As it's interstate I had a friend test ride it for me, he say's it...
  4. MV F3 800 RC... on its way ;-)

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    Good evening from London. My first MV bike, apart from all the horror supply stories , what do i need to change / look at to improve?