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  1. F4 - 2nd Gen. 2010+
    Hey guys I’m looking to sell my bike this coming spring and I wanted to get your opinion on what you think my bike is worth? I would love to keep her, but I went back to school full time and no longer have time to ride. Bike mostly sits in my garage as motorcycle art currently. Rather it go to...
  2. F4 - 2nd Gen. 2010+
    Hey guys, I was wondering how I could find out what number my bike is? I have an F4RR and I was wondering how many were made in 2013? I couldn't find any info online. Any advice is appreciated, thanks!
  3. F4 - 2nd Gen. 2010+
    Hey guys I recently purchased a 2013 F4 RR that is fully stock and I was looking at different exhausts for it and I think I like the look/sound of the Noriyoshi racing exhaust better than the QD power gun exhaust. I like the Bodis but i've heard them and it's just too loud even with baffles in...
1-3 of 3 Results