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  1. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Silent night Holy night, somewhat appertain then at this time of year to be on a quest for perforations, specifically those heralded by tiny flecks of calcified coolant. These chalky little portents of doom prompting an outburst of Tourette’s alongside reluctant and deeper investigations into...
  2. Maintenance & Tech. Issues (All 4 Cyl. Models)
    Hi all, recently had a full service on my Brutale (shims etc) and since I have had nothing but problems. 1st the temperature gauge went to 100% and the fan came on (on ride home). Sensor replaced. £££££ 1st run out battery goes flat (with the service and sensor it had been sitting in the...
1-2 of 2 Results