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Olive 04-01-2006 01:54 PM

Rear seat cover
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Hi all,

I'm really proud to show you my new red rear seat cover bought at Diego's store:

Color matches perfectly and it fits so sharp to the tail !

It's a must have, price is high (369 EUR, 450 USD) but quality is also really high !

alvin 04-01-2006 01:58 PM

Wow looks real clean

Olive 04-01-2006 02:01 PM


Originally Posted by admin
Wow looks real clean

You can say that !!
I'm waiting good weather conditions to post High resolution pics.

agusta01 04-01-2006 04:54 PM

Olive, looks real good, its always a good feeling when you pay a high price for a part, but when fitted you know its worth every cent!!

odonata 04-01-2006 06:51 PM

very very nice, beautifully designed and made...


MVITALIAN 04-01-2006 11:20 PM

wow.....looks awesome! :)

odonata 04-02-2006 04:42 AM

Hi Olive, It seems to me that the cover is a bit taller than the original cushions (with sort of an aero hump)? could you please post some pix of the whole bike with the new Cowling/cover from a few different angle? the 3 pix earlier looked great but were all close-ups, I would like to see how the cowling/cover blend into the original design. also, it looked like you removed the pillion pegs?


Olive 04-02-2006 07:44 AM

I just send pics you want to Alvin. Hope he'll put them on my album.

Keep you inform.

Yes, I remove the rear footpegs.

john 04-02-2006 08:09 AM

That look superb Olivier, a really professional job. :smoking:

alvin 04-02-2006 11:47 AM

Check Olive's album now :)

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