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rramseyr 03-05-2006 06:45 PM

MV Agusta Factory Club Sign-up
Hey everyone

I was cleaning out my office and came upon my mailing from MV that I received last June 2005 for the Factory Club. I know most of us can't make the meetings over in Italy but I still would enjoy as an MV Agusta enthusiast to be a part of the club. :)

Here are yearly rates for Founding and Associate Members set by Claudio in my letter I received in June 2005:
Founding Member 60 Euros $72.26 USD
Associate Member 40 Euros $48.18 USD

On enrollment, new members will receive a welcome pack containing the following items:
1. MV Agusta Club membership card.
2. MV Agusta Factory Club stickers (motorcycle and helmet).
3. MV Agusta Factory Club patch.
4. Club identification plate to be mounted on the upper steering bracket.
5. Enamelled metal Club pin.

Anyone who wants to be the founder/President of USA Club MV please email me @ [email protected]

please tell me your location and contact information. Again, anyone can do it but if we can get someone on the east coast near PA would be ideal. That is were CAGIVA USA is located in Willow Grove, PA.

Here are my demands :naughty:

As of this thread it is March 5, 2006. I propose that if you are interested then fill out the following form by March 31st:

That's 26 days to get it filled out and mailed and or faxed to me:

Ryan Ramsey
11529 Winding Wood Drive
Indianapolis, IN 46235
Fax: 317-823-7354

I will act as the Founding member until we assign/vote/put in place the Founder.

So, in short:

1. Fill out the registration sheet
2. Fax, Mail it to me whatever works for you
3. If you want to be the founder/President, email me with your contact info and location
4. Once we get the Founder, and all the associate registration we will work out the dues sitiuation.

Anyone that is interested in the Factory Club here are some links to my letters I received from MV last year June. They are in Microsoft Word Format.

Any questions plese feel free to email me @ [email protected]

Alvin if this comes off without any problems then it might be a good suggestion to have a MV Factory Club forum topic :smoking:

alvin 03-05-2006 07:20 PM

I will be glad to help out in any way/shape/form. Can definately make this site a home of the Factory Club USA.

Let's get this show on the road, let me know how I can assist.

Rockethouse 03-05-2006 09:29 PM

I'm confused...are you trying to start an official MV factory club in the US with some sort of link to the official MV factory club or just a US MV club?

Though I'm in Australia, I rember reading that MV would not support any official club in the US at this time. Of course this doesn't stop you from having an un-official club and I hope it does happen as it's a great idea and I applaude you for doing this but why do you need/want someone near Cagiva USA or be unable to be the founder because of your location or number of bikes in your area.

All the best and who knows if you can build the framework MV might just jump on board.

Maybe someone here in Australia will try doing the same.

rramseyr 03-05-2006 10:36 PM


I am not sure if you read the message completely. Last year MV Agusta started a Factory Club. They sent out invites for this club. I received an invite for this club. I did not take part in that invite because I could not make the trip from the USA to Italy.

In the packet I got this following registration sheet.

If you read the registration sheet you have a founder and associates.

The founder I would presume is the President of that club and its location
for example. If I was to fill out that registration and put founder I would be the primary contact for that Country. If I fill out that registration and put associate then I would be a member of that club in that Country.

I am not concerned if they would support a club in USA. But why would they send me an invite and registration if they weren't going to support the USA?

What I am trying to do is coordinate the USA contacts and participants for MV Agusta Factory Club.

Quite simply this is not a seperate club. This is the official MV Agusta Factory Club and original invite I got in my mail in the USA last year June 2005. Were going to have a founder/President that will be the contact for Factory Club in the USA, and associate members that reside in the USA.

Sorry for the long ramble but does that make sense now?

As far as the location. Well, our bikes are imported by CAGIVA, USA located in PA. All of our dealers work through CAGIVA, USA and one would think that is a very important point of contact for MV Agusta information. Any marketing dollars etc. have to come from CAGIVA itself. If MV Agusta Italy ever has a Club meeting in the USA then we have a contact close to the source.

I think the only thing I did not address is the owning of a MV Agusta. The registration sheet that I received from Claudio askes for serial numbers or VIN numbers. If you don't have a bike then you can't have a serial or VIN and therefore the form or registration would be incomplete.

rramseyr 03-05-2006 10:59 PM

Rockethouse above reply got me thinking. Maybe this whole thread is to hard to understand.

Here is a simply reply.

I got a letter from Claudio Castiglioni @ MV Agusta in June 2005, the letter is below:

I could not make the offical meeting in Italy last year.

But I would like to make an attempt to get everyone signed-up that would like to and receive all the goodies and establish all owners in the USA in that officaly MV Agusta Factory Club.

I understand we won't be going to Italy and I do understand they may not make a trip to USA to have a meeting. But they aren't going to support such a meeting unless we get our owners together and be a part of the Offical MV Agusta Factory Club no matter where we are located.

The dues we will be giving are going to the Official MV Agusta Factory Club that Claudio Castiglioni started last year June/July 2005.

Here is a link to that site.
By the way this is not the same letter I got in the mail last year June 2005.
The letter I got was before the official meeting.

This is NOT a seperate club! We will have (1) founder and (?) associate members. The founder will be the President and the associate will be members of that country.

If you look at the registration form that Claudio sent it says, founder, and associate. I am not italian but that is how I understand it. Founder=President of the Country you reside/USA
Associate=Members of the Country you reside/USA.

I hope that makes a little more sense but if it doesn't let me know.

Greeneggs&ham 03-05-2006 11:05 PM

WHen i saw they were getting the factory club together last year for their meet in italy i emailed them and asked them if they wanted to get something like this started in the states but said they didn't have an interest. i would love to me a founding member of something like that for the US. I am in Northern VA, and have access to all the things necessary. Rramseyr, send me a PM to get things rolling b/c i didn't have time when i saw this to look everything over. i am very interested in getting this rolling.

rramseyr 03-05-2006 11:14 PM

Interest is growing

The interest is growing and I have gotten three emails so far for sign-up for the MV Agusta Factory Club!

Look at my original post above. Fill out the registration and fax or mail them to me :)

3 sign-ups in one evening if that keeps up for 26 days well you can do the math.

Rockethouse 03-06-2006 01:32 AM

I think I get it now and I think it was that thread with Greeneggs&ham where I got the we're not interested in a US factory club info. It seems odd that they would say that and then request a founder and associates rather than individuals just registering with MV in Italy.

JamesC 03-06-2006 01:16 PM

I believed founder meant you were joining the club at it's creation? The first members will always, as long as their membership does not lapse, be founder members and the rest associate? There is also founder membership in EU where none of the President role is required.

I still think it's a great idea to get a USA group up and running!

rramseyr 03-06-2006 05:38 PM

James Send your Fax on over 317-823-7354 :stickpoke

Your Blog is great by the way :king:

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