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LiquidWhy 09-15-2010 09:31 AM

3,000-Mile Oil Change Is Pretty Much History
I STILL remember learning from my father how to carefully remove a dipstick to check the oil level in our cars. It was drilled into me — along with turning off the lights when you left a room and clearing the plates off the table after dinner — that oil needs to be changed every 3,000 miles or so.

“There was a time when the 3,000 miles was a good guideline,” said Philip Reed, senior consumer advice editor for the car site “But it’s no longer true for any car bought in the last seven or eight years.”
Oil chemistry and engine technology have improved to the point that most cars can go several thousand more miles before changing the oil, Mr. Reed said. A better average, he said, would be 7,500 between oil changes, and sometimes up to 10,000 miles or more.
The California Integrated Waste Management Board ran public service announcements for several years about “the 3,000-mile myth,” urging drivers to wait longer between oil changes.
But the situation is not that clear cut, according to Robert Sutherland, a Pennzoil scientist who works at Shell Global Solutions. Rather than picking a number, Mr. Sutherland said, he recommends following what your owner’s manual advises. So that meant I should get the oil changed every 5,000 miles. If I did a great deal of longer-distance highway driving, it would be every 7,500.
What actually happens if you don’t change your oil? Well, it doesn’t run out, it simply gets dirtier and dirtier.
Some people remain attached to the 3,000-mile oil change and have a hard time trusting the recommendations in the owner’s manual. If you’re one of those skeptics, you can send your engine oil out to be analyzed. Blackstone Laboratories in Fort Wayne, Ind., one of the best-known places for engine oil analysis, will send you a free kit.
You send back an oil sample and for $25, they’ll tell you all sorts of things about your car. “Very often, it is the case that they’re changing their oil too often,” she said. Some people stick to the 3,000-mile changes, because “the Jiffy Lubes of the world have done a good job convincing people,” Mr. Martin said. “The car manufacturers want the reputation that it makes cars that last a long time. The dealership wants to see you every three months.”

LiquidWhy 09-15-2010 09:42 AM

This is a question I regularly bring up with my fellow riders, for motorcycles that is. We all agree that back in the 80s, we were changing our oil every 1000 miles (before synthetic oil, pure and blended). Now that our bikes are running pure synthetic, some how the "1000 mile oil change" myth is still around. Keep in mind that all references to oil changes made here and above do not include track racing.

Allan Gibbs 09-15-2010 10:48 AM

There's a thread about this on the Ducati forum since the manual now says oils changed at 7,500 miles. I think I'm the only one there following the manual - mostly because I'm not keeping the bike for the long run and it's ducati's recommendation, then it's their liability. But, as someone mentioned, problem resulting from infrequent oil changes will probably come up long after the warranty is gone.

shoe07 09-15-2010 11:07 AM

Usually there is also a time period as well as a mileage. For the Nissan's I sell, it is either 6 months, or after you ask the customer a series of yes or no questions, 3750 miles, or 7500.

My civic says every 10000. I was doing that up until my last change as I no longer drive 30000 miles a year. Now I'm doing every 5000 miles.

It really comes down to what you're comfortable with, but you should just follow the owners manual.

minime 09-15-2010 05:03 PM

Oils are cheap engines are expensive you decide.

gotojoe 09-15-2010 05:13 PM

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In our climate the bikes tend to have down time in the winter so prefer to get the bike nice and hot just before frost time...drop the oil and filter and put some nice clean oil in to cosset the engine while it's sleeping...a bit like brushing your teeth before you go to sleep...!

rents 09-15-2010 07:40 PM


Originally Posted by minime (Post 383137)
Oils are cheap engines are expensive you decide.


It's cheap insurance to change the oil more often than extended recommendations. Especially when dealing with high performance engines (MV included).

punkinhead 09-15-2010 07:48 PM

hell,i just like changing oil.every 1500 miles on bikes(except for hog 25 to 3000)and 3500 on cars & trucks.syn all the way:yo:

312r on the way. they promised next week.

Harvey 09-17-2010 11:45 AM

You got it wrong with the hog. It's 'Change the bike, keep the oil'.

Snake_EYES 09-25-2010 04:05 AM

every 1500 miles. I ride hard, and the motor deserves it.

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