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glpsace 10-13-2019 11:44 PM

New Member and thinking of F3 or F4
Hello everyone,

I am writting you from Portugal, 43 years old, actually riding a Suzuki GSX-S750, and in my pursuit looking for a more sporty replacement, MV Agusta is up there with Ducati.

Now I have read quite a lot and despite some stories are keeping me a bit on my toes, I still feel I would like to take a risk for they are such beautiful bikes!

I believe most of you have them as 2nd bikes, or even 3rd and so on. This will be my only bike and believe it or not, I plan on using it every day... for commuting and obviously fun rides! Now I believe many will think Iīm crazy. It is a short ride to work (10Km each way) but still, do you think it is possible to use these bikes on a daily base or am I just being a dreamer?

I honestly donīt know what to choose yet. The F3 800 would be the "obvious" choice for my needs but the F4, visually, has just something to it that I cannot explain!

Now you will tell me to test-ride them and choose the one I like the most. Well, if until now what I said made no sense to you, it is about to get worse... no models available here for a test-ride. So I will go mainly on looks and hope it is everything I think it is!!!

As a final note, for total madness, I will buy it new... and no I am not "loaded", just saved hard for a dream bike over the years and that 3 years warranty sounds sweet!

And speaking of that, regarding the latest model, is there something I need to worry right from the beginning with either model, or have the most common issues been adressed by now?

Thank you very much for reading and cheers!

mitchy 10-13-2019 11:57 PM

Welcome to the forum.
My choice would be a F4 without a doubt.:wink2:

MV Arthur 10-14-2019 12:31 AM

3 of my F4's have been my daily commuter. Go for it.

antovujica 10-14-2019 01:05 AM

I asked the same question. You’re right the F4 has a certain thing about it that you just can’t ignore. F3 is still a beautiful bike. From what I’ve read the F3 seems to have had more issues and quirks than the F4 but that’s why i am also asking the question.

dav777 10-14-2019 02:34 AM

Welcome and can I ask if you maybe looked at the 4 cylinder Brutale as daily commute? Of the 2 you mentioned the F4 is better cause the F3 is, in my opinion, more of a track machine in the sense you have to ride it harder to get the most out of it. Also most Isues I've seen around the F3 and F4 for that matter start due to crap batterries.

nigelrb 10-14-2019 02:38 AM

F4 for me.

Question you need to consider: Do you have adequate lock up and security for the bike at both work and home?

dansoarr 10-14-2019 03:50 AM

Did the same as you, I went F4 as I had always lusted after one, the F3 may have been a better technical option for me, but I did not want to say I 'Could' have bought my dream and instead settled for 2nd place, no offence intended to F3 owners. :-)

Dariete 10-14-2019 05:28 AM

Hi mate! Welcome from Spain. Where place of Portugal are you from? I love Lisbon, Porto, Braga, and Sierra da Estella to ride a bike!!

I understand your feelings about MV F4, I have same feelings. So, go for it. If you spend your savings in the F3... Probably you regret it.

I donīt recommend it for every day use, because they spend a lot of gasoline, the mantenaice cost are expensive, you have to mount sport tyres to really enjoy it, and there are not adecuate for every day ride (they wear down only in the center), the F4 suffer temperature problems and in urban traffic are worse. the MVīs donīt turn in urban traffic. I recomend you save 1500€ more, and go for a Burgman 200 (for example) to every day ride. Probably you return the investmen in one or two years of the F4 mantenaince cost. And think in the cost devaluation of MV with high mileage.

By the way, are you a experience biker? MV are difficult to ride bikes, you have to ride it with decission. There are not good to learn.


Originally Posted by nigelrb (Post 2604329)
F4 for me.

Question you need to consider: Do you have adequate lock up and security for the bike at both work and home?

Important question. MV are bikes to storage in a secure garage. You canīt park it in street. So if you donīt have garage in your work, I recomend you, save little more money and buy a small scooter for everyday.

In my case, I cover it in the garage, to not allow to see what bike it is.

Black_Gold_Saw 10-14-2019 05:41 AM

You saved up cash to buy your dream bike.
What exactly is your dream bike? <-- your first thought after reading that is the one you should get.

You mentioned its only a 10km ride to your work. Which in itself is fine, but dont expect to crank the throttle in such a short time with having a cold engine.
You can do this in the weekends and longer rides.
(Thats just my opinion, cause I believe an engine should atleast have runned for 20-30 minutes before the real fun begins. Metals & fluids need to get to operating temps.
Cause you dont like jumping out of bed and start sprinting. You'll cramp up and pull a muscle.

As for not able to test riding both models. F3 is known to be more easy on the wrist and overal position.
Since its a 3 cylinder its very narrow and footpegs are lower than other superbikes. AKA more legroom and more upright.
I cannot speak for F4. But its sure more leaned over.

Everyone says to get the F4. Well I say get the F3.
Cause saying that sure helps ;) xD

XPARAUK 10-14-2019 07:22 AM

Hello & Welcome.

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