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[email protected] 01-27-2019 06:20 AM

lawn Mower racing Inexpensive and fun
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before you laugh AT me check out you tube videos.. TXX super Modified mower racing.. You will see a Blue orange racing mower . Kohler or Briggs naturally aspirated 1000cc v-twins producing 125hp 80lbs torque at 10,000 rpm . We went with Briggs 1000cc turbocharged V-Twin and got 125hp 120lbs torque at 6000rpm and engine build cost MUCH MUCH cheaper . Our Briggs Stratton 1000cc turbocharged v-twin eventually went into a 2002 Harley electra glide and now has 30,000 miles on it ANYHOW if you want to do something fun with kids that wont break the bank NDand kids get to learn engines ect it is a fun family activity . Pic is of competitors racer 1000cc Kohler normally aspirated twin

[email protected] 01-27-2019 06:41 AM

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front view this guy HATED me because I told people how to do a turbocharged build with forged chrome moly internals . My engine build cost 1/4 of his normally aspi$rated build , was much more reliable and much more durable because I got 125 hp at 6000rpm normally aspirated build got 125hp at 10,000rpm BTW we use remanufactured small turbos , the cost only 250$ new. He made a living selling briggs Kohler racing parts so he was against my build.

[email protected] 01-27-2019 06:54 AM

Briggs Stratton 1000cc V-twin engine has roughly 15 moving parts in the whole engine. Forged internals con rods, pistons, worked heads with bigger stainless steel valves , roller rockers with 2:1 ratio fits in a HARLEY ELECRA GLIDE LIKE ITS A FACTORY DESIGN AND HOOKS RIGHT UP TO HARLEY 5 SPEED. SO YOU HAVE A SMOOTH 90 DEGREE V ANGLE= SMOOTH . AND TURBO FITS IN BETWEEN V. Pet project done before . Anyone wants to take a ride stop in you will be shocked how well it works . Not a High performance build it is really same set up that MACK TRUCKS 18 WHEELERS USE . They use a relatively small inline 6 turbocharged for hp. Cant wait to do build IF I find a semi competent tech (this build is plug and play I know how to do build but spine has no discs ) will take pics for sure wish me luck finding blown up Harley Electra glide.

airjawed 01-27-2019 08:52 AM

Where are the pics of your build? I kept looking at the pics and it didn't add up until I read the part at the end saying these pics are not of your build.

I loved building things myself but in the end once I have got the knowledge I have no interest in repeating those hardships. Would rather be able to have factory power or outsource the work! Don't get me wrong. I've got an Audi B5 S4 Avant that I've brought to a stage 3 build. I need to sell it but its the only car that makes me smile! No idea what I would replace it with that didn't cost 100K!

XPARAUK 01-28-2019 07:41 AM

That looks like a cool piece of kit. One question what point does it stop being a lawn mower and become a go cart?

[email protected] 02-01-2019 11:46 PM

it really is go kart racing using a 1000cc v-twin engine instead of a 5 hp flathead single cylinder engine. AIRJAWED heath problems stopped me from doing everything (spine collaped in on itself =no disks entire lumbar and 1 central disc completely gone . JUST retired so hoping to find a decent tech to redo one last build. My nephew did this build but he took over the reigns and is now the stock broker of family assets. Briggs v-twin in Harley is an easy build because the briggs fits in a Harley touring frame like it was designed to do so, in fact it fits so well it sets you back.. this fits TOO easy you say to yourself lol. Airjaw I am a ham I want to show my bikes off lol. nephew setting computer in march .I want video also to show speed/HP

[email protected] 02-03-2019 01:21 AM

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This is a Harley touring size chassis The touring bikes with detached transmission and sportster type with transmission/engine one piece are the 2 chassis Harley uses. The briggs big block V-twin 1000cc hooks right up to Harley transmission. On Touring chassis top bar goes strait above engine fits in like factory There are You tube videos of briggs Harley hook up running down the street ect . We are doing correctly no shroud is needed ,looks like designed for bike. engine ipic below without shounds But will hook up factory primaries (engine side covers )

[email protected] 02-03-2019 01:28 AM

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1000cc Briggs V-Twin without shrouds. Will install Harley primaries which hook right up. Will Install forged 4340 chrome moly con rods and Arias Forged Pistons . worked heads , roller rockers and Small turbo or Supercharger(between the V) . Engine goes from 35hp to 125hp 90 degree V-Twin. WILL HAVE PICS AND VIDEO. Wont be done tomorow have to fix health and find decent tech. Just retired Dr said he will operate on spine . Starting life over if operation sucessful

XPARAUK 02-03-2019 04:40 AM

Good luck with the new start in Life and building your beast of a lawnmower.

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