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Submariner 06-23-2018 10:41 AM

potential indicaor switch failure

I have an F4 750 2000 model which is rarely used.

The indicators flash with the alarm (when I arm and disarm the alarm) but sometimes annoyingly not when operating the handlebar switch. When in the 'failed' state none of the indicators flash and the indicator does not flash on the dash

I assume the switch is getting old. I have sprayed in some switch cleaning lubricant which sometimes helps. I would appreciate thoughts on what may be causing this.



misty5 06-23-2018 12:14 PM

Hi. If you want to change, i have the swicth (used) in perfect conditon, pm me if interesting

Submariner 06-23-2018 12:16 PM

thanks mate, does this sound like it could be a faulty switch issue though

Submariner 07-23-2019 03:22 AM


I would appreciate any more thoughts on this thread please? Can I ask if there is a 'flasher unit' that controls the flashing of the indicators. I am beginning to think it would not be the switch on the handlebars

ViggenF4 07-23-2019 03:34 AM

Flasher relay.

Submariner 07-23-2019 04:05 AM

Thanks Viggn, do we know if they are prone to causing such a failure

Brutale800RR 07-23-2019 05:17 AM

Hi @Submariner

If the indicators flash when you arm or disarm the alarm my thinking would be the flasher relay is working, as are the all the indicators/bulbs wiring etc. This would strongly suggest to me it is the switch. My first action would be to check the switch wiring and operation using a multimeter.


Submariner 07-23-2019 05:33 AM

Thanks Brutale, my thoughts were that perhaps the alarm module provided the flashing function

Brutale800RR 07-23-2019 06:13 AM

Good point, would need an alarm guy to confirm or otherwise.

Assuming that the fault is not caused by loose connection or chaffed wire my further thoughts are these: In my experience flasher relays fail. Switches wear and develop intermittent faults before failing. Your switch is 19 years old, so it has to be the prime suspect and is where I would start, but like all electronic/electrical faults - you never cease to be surprised.

Good luck with it.

esq'z me 07-23-2019 07:53 AM

The alarm does not activate the flashers independent of the relay (called the intermittance in MV parlance). Therefore I believe the problem is not the relay.

You can easily check the switch with an ohmmeter.... There is a connection diagram and instruction for the switch in the Chassis Workshop Manual. You should see near zero resistance on the 2 contacts (3 wires).

Activate with meter connected multiple times in each direction to confirm minimal and consistent resistance each time. More than 1 ohm would indicate corrosion on the contacts.

You may be able to disassemble the switch to clean the contacts if you like working with small things.

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