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davehg 01-23-2018 12:37 AM

New aux lights and wiring question
I installed a set of Clearwater Darla lights on my 2014 1090RR, primarily to make me more visible when riding. I already owned a pair of these lights for my FJR and I like them because they draw little power (LED), are really compact, and have an adjustable dimmer to make the lights super bright or mildly visible. If I am riding at night, these really light up the road too - essential given how many forest critters one encounters at night in rural PNW neighborhoods.

Some pix below. I have two remaining wires to hook up using a simple posi-tap that clips onto a wire but doesn't require any splicing. The two wires I have questions about are:

1. A "trigger wire" or "switched lead" that causes the light's relay switch to power on when I turn the ignition on.
2. Headlight wire for the "brights" (this causes the Clearwater's to turn off when I hit the brights so I don't totally blind someone.

I need to be able to tap both wires into wires located next to the front headlight, and the spare wires won't reach the rear of the bike. Would love any insights about which color wires/locations to tap, before I go poking around with a multimeter

Here's a shot of the lights installed. I had to re-drill the top holes for the mounting brackets (created for a Ducati) as they didn't quite line up but this was easy.

davehg 02-03-2018 08:13 PM

Answering my own post: I quickly realized the LED lights on the front speedo cover were an easy source of switched power. Popped the windscreen off, tapped the red wire from the LEDs and now we’re cookin with gas! Turns out the dimmer worked fine and no need to tap the hi beam wire. Lights are super bright and significantly increase visibility.

über 08-20-2019 01:16 AM

Thanks for sharing @davehg, even if you just answered your own questions 😉 been looking at lighting solutions like this lately, along with turn signals that have integrated running lights. When you commute, always nice to to be more noticeable.

Figifister 08-20-2019 07:46 PM

Nice! I wish my MV had the ability to have the high beams and the low beams on at the same time. This looks like a good solution.

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