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jdgun 06-17-2017 09:08 PM

My new girl: 2015 F3 800
Bike has finally arrived and without going into loads of detail, she is a very sexy girl.. Had a bit more mods on her than i was told, and beside a 3" rub spot on the swingarm (SOLUTIONS?), pretty much mint.
Starting tearing her down last night as there was mods done by the previous owner that just do not go with my thinking or modding.
Will be posting the stuff i take off for sale..

After going through the Titanium parts drawer, a few things that work for the Panigale also work with the F3...
Brake rotor bolts are the same
front fender bolts
fairing bolts
windshield bolts

Will be installing all Podium black titanium on the bike at this point.. so If anyone is looking for some CNC gold bolts let me know.

Pulled off the CNC racing gold billet grips, levers and bar ends, all nice stuff but just not my style. removing the CNC gold frame plugs also. Nice quality stuff, but want a more sedated look. will go with red for the trellis, and black on the side frame.

The big mod of the night is swapping on a Brembo RCS 19x18/20 master, not yet decided if i want to go with the sweet working CRG supersport perch (better more functional part) or the matching Clutch perch (not nearly as adjustable).

Will get some pics up in the morning.

jdgun 06-26-2017 12:23 PM

So much for some good pictures... My photographer AKA Ex-Wife ended up not taking the pics..

Ended up installing a CRG SC2 clutch lever with perch, and for sure it is an improvement over the stock perch and CNC lever.. With the 3 different positions you can set the cable leverage point, makes for an easier pull and smoother action.

The Brembo RCS with new fluid added some much needed pressure at the lever..

After some modding on the throttle side, put on Driven bar ends.

Picked up some Probolt black aluminum bolts for the fairings, always top notch stuff... wish the previous owner remembered to use anti seize on the CNC bolts.

Trimmed up the R&G tail tidy, just waiting for the license plate frame with turn signals to show today.

jdgun 06-27-2017 03:30 PM

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A couple mods

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