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Vatoloco 05-27-2008 02:36 PM

coming off a big accident.
hey guys, how you all been? sorry i couldnt make the Meet in socal :( Im coming off a bad wreck. My ape is gone,(OLD PEOPLE SUCK) and im coming off a few broken bones ,but mentaly im ok ( i think) :) But anyways now im stuck behind a few bills, so im kinda stuck behind the 8 ball. The insurance Bought me a new bike. But i may have to sell it. But heres what i am selling for sure. the bike is a NOS 02 MILLE R (SAME COLOR) how crazy is that?? I have since Put 26 miles on it.

My XL mv jacket feels like a large $620 new $400 obo looks new ,no holes
snap on KRL toolbox $800
02 mille R yellow $12K
suzuki 185 enduro $400

riding home from work,a old couple from Omaha deceides to cut 3 lanes of traffic, missing a beetle,and smacking a explorer while still going and hitting me off, allowing me to get airborn. while i hit the slow lane,slide to the side of the freeway (thank god) while a kenworth found the bike, i dont know what happend. (the emt said i was gone for 3 mins) all i remember was a girl with a nice rack yelling "DONT Take off the helmet" my bike gave her life for me :( and guess what the best part was. the old people had expired insurance from 06

how have you been? .

so if you all would help me buy buying something id sure be greatful THANKS!

MV-999R 05-27-2008 02:51 PM

:jsm: Damn sorry to hear about the accident :( :(

But at least you're here to post. Best wishes for a full recover. :)

And sucks to hear that on top of that you have thos finantial issues and have to seel your bike :bawling::bawling:

But shouldn't be those old foks that are responsible for the accident to pay for all the bills and give you a compensation for the injuries?

Anyway i hope you can sort that out and keep the bike.

Keep us posted.

CAG 05-27-2008 03:28 PM

That sucks. Hard.


suryad 05-27-2008 03:40 PM

That does suck but at least you saw a girl with a nice rack! All kidding aside what a bummer man. I would be so heartbroken if that happened to me *knocks on wood*. How are the injuries by the way? I hope they are healing fast!

odonata 05-27-2008 07:08 PM

So sorry to hear about your suffering... but glad that you are well now, still riding and on the forum.

Best of luck with the sales.

Dova80 05-27-2008 07:21 PM

Wow I think I would be going after anything they own...

esq'z me 05-27-2008 07:25 PM

Bad News...Glad you will recover....really sucks that you will have to work out from under the financial burden of uninsured motorists. Wish I could help by purchasing your old Suzuki 185, but I'm not in position just now. Always liked those bikes....

Heal up and good luck.

odonata 05-27-2008 07:56 PM

BTW, can you post some pics of the items you are selling?


TokyoLunch 05-27-2008 08:02 PM

dude, that sounds terrible. Sorry to hear that.

hope you feel better soon and good luck with unloading what you need to....


Reopropf 05-27-2008 08:36 PM


I hope you mend well and good things come your way!

Hang in there...


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