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Conversation Between Amplific and Allworld
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  1. Allworld
    04-20-2018 01:29 PM - permalink
    Well I have been doing the breakin on the new motor and I have to say it is fantastic. There were some electronic components of my 2016 that are not compatible with the 2018. I think mostly it is with the quick shifter ....

    I leave Boston on the 15th of Sept. and will head down via the back roads. I have a cabin (#5) which is part of that whole cluster of cabins. I should arrive in the 17th, and will depart on the 21st.
    I bought a cargo van last February to tote my bike around... So I'm going to make some arrangement so drive the bike in the back of the van to Harrisburg, PA or there abouts and then have more time to play on some of the roads that lead to TN/NC.

    If you are on "What's APP" my number is 617 281-7802

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