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  1. roadracer40M
    05-19-2019 07:55 PM - permalink
    I thought that the battery was dead, so I hooked up the tender, went out for a ride on my thruxton, and when I came back 6 hours later, I went to turn the bike on.....again, absolutely nothing. I hooked a quick charge to the battery, to jump start the bike, and usually I get a light, a cycle through the tach, ...something. I got absolutely noting. I pulled the battery, charged it - its a little over a year old yausa battery. It says its fully charged. I reinstall it - and again , nothing. Its as if a main wire has been cut. I looked at all the fuses on the right side of the bike, and I looked at the large 40 amp fuses on the left... They are all fine. Have you come across this before and can you give me some direction . I would appreciate any help you could offer... Cheers! Douglas had to send this as two was too long
  2. roadracer40M
    05-19-2019 07:54 PM - permalink
    Donsy - its been awhile since ive been on this forum. You helped me a few years ago on an f4 1000(2006)...and we able to find that my issues were the charcoal canister in the fuel pump had turned into mush and made my bike completely un-ridable . Now, I find myself in need of your advice again. same bike, with still less that 4000 miles on it - I had it in storage over the last winter - it was on a tender, and I would start it once every two weeks, let it heat up, and then turn it off. I moved it out of storage to my home garage last month, and have been starting it up every other week, and its been fine. However, I didn't have it attached to the tender the last two weeks, so when I went out this morning to start and go for a ride...the bike was dead....and I mean dead... not a click, not a dim light, no dashboard lights.
  3. Marko G.
    01-20-2019 10:14 AM - permalink
    Marko G.

    I tried to post this link at "Tech tips..." section but I think only you as a moderator can upload. I don't recall seeing this before on our forum so maybe it will be useful for others to see. This is a list of all the service bulletins (from no.73 -...).
    LINK: MvAgusta

    Best regards!
  4. arizona brutale
    08-03-2018 06:14 PM - permalink
    arizona brutale
    I accidentally reversed the battery leads. I saw a post of yours that referred to the diode. Can you tell me where that is located?

  5. dansoarr
    03-14-2018 04:19 AM - permalink
    here is a link to a lot of my data, some of it is sorted, Chassis and Engine manuals in 5 languages. All the user / owners manuals in all languages (unsorted), press clippings, photos, videos, service bulletins, torque sheets, Specification sheets, marketing info, spare parts catalogues even some Cagiva stuff.


  6. mr.naaziz
    09-11-2017 08:28 AM - permalink
    hi donsy,
    how r u..
    I juz read something u wrote bout bike over temperature.. I seem similar to my prob
    I look for ur expertise.. if u can help
    I owned Brutale 1090my bike panel shown max temperature.. I had done nothing except washing and cleaning
    its first time
    I just recharge my battery...let u know in case this make the things happen
    I just unplugged the sensor go to the engine body
    The panel now show "engine fault" check water sensor
    on the temperature side now show minimum temperature.. looked good
    but after I reconnect.. it happen again..
    eek ur expert opinion
  7. dansoarr
    08-10-2017 10:57 AM - permalink
    sent you some links to [email protected] for dropbox. all the latest manuals I could find.


  8. jbryan105
    07-04-2017 11:35 AM - permalink
    hey i need some advice about removing the starter on my 2004 750 brutale
  9. fasduc
    05-29-2017 02:02 PM - permalink
    Donsy, I saw your post about a possible oil leak coming from the heat exchanger. I followed your directions of undoing the clip that is over the bolt and tightening the bolt. Sure enough it was a bit loose so I tightened it up. The issue I have is I cannot get the clip that goes over the bolt back on? It came off very easily but it seems to be high centering on the bolt when I am trying to get it back on. Is there some trick to getting the clip back on? Do you have to make sure the top and bottom both move back at the same time? I tried doing that but didn't work. I really don't want to have to pull the radiator and exhaust pipes just to get this clip back on.

    Thanks for your help,
    Chris (Fasduc)
  10. Kiwidoc
    04-26-2017 04:00 AM - permalink
    2006 910R. Not used for 2 years, connected bty reversed the polarity. Starts but alternator light remains on. Meter shows it is charging. Where is the diode that I have to replace ?

    Thanks Doc

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