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  1. Eros EcuLab
    01-09-2018 10:12 AM - permalink
    Eros EcuLab
    Hi, congratulations for the group,
    I contact you to offer our service. EcuLab Performance deals with optimization and mapping of engine injection control units for competitive use of Cars / Motorcycles / Lcvs / Trucks / Tractors / Boats. Remapping of original ECU, electronic gearbox, traction control management; Engine brake management; LAUNCH CONTROL; Pit-Lane map and much more. Discounted prices to you group members ... We are from Rimini (ITALY) but the distance is not a problem because with our equipment we can also work from the unassembled control unit .... you can send us your control unit and in only one working day will be returned. Each unit will be analyzed and remapped, always starting from the reading of the original file. In no case will a ready-made software of an apparently identical vehicle be used, as each engine is different and the specific solution must be adopted. This is ours page:
    Have a nice day
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