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Angry Newbie W/910S Suspension Power delivery Q's. Please help...


My name is Gabriel, live in So. Cal. and recently "got involved" with a 2006 MV Agusta Brutale 910S with 3000 miles. For the record I've been riding 20+ years both on and off-road. I've got 50k+ Miles riding Ducatis and an Aprilia with a couple track days under my belt and MANY miles on other bikes, but this is my 1st MV :-)

But for the life of me I cannot get the suspension to make me feel at all confident. I weigh 155 pounds. After playing around plenty with the forks I have them FAIRLY confidence-inspiring but with NO preload (still not regularly bottoming them according to my zip tie test) or compression damping but rebound is jacked almost all the way up. Otherwise they are not compliant and bounce around quite a bit.

The rear shock has almost all of the preload dialed out and both Hi and Low speed compression damping an minimum. Rebound damping is at maximum. But the rear end STILL feels like it bounces all over the place and is very harsh over bumps.

ALSO the awesomely abrupt off/on throttle power delivery has me very concerned when I need to be light on the throttle (hairpin corners for example). Messes me all up.

ANY and ALL advice and suggestions/recommendations will be GREATLY appreciated! I really want to like and keep this bike. But at the moment I'm a bit pissed that I cannot get it to ride in a way that makes me feel comfortable.

My thoughts were perhaps sending the shock to Race Tech and getting a Hyperpro Purple Passion spring (they're nifty) for the shock or maybe seeing if Ohlins has anything. Perhaps some Race Tech springs for the forks (and valves?) and finding out what you good folk have done with Power Commanders and the like to get less aggressive on'off throttle response. By the way, I do have a mid-pipe on order to get rid of the cat but otherwise plan to leave the stock exhaust on her.

So THANKS VERY MUCH for reading my ramblings and for your help thanks in advance.

Ride Well,

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