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Originally Posted by Justinandrew01 View Post
Hi all im a new member and purchased my band new 2013 white f4 last week. Since ive been riding it ive done 700 km and the bike has stalled 3 times while riding, with no warning its as if the throttle is cut and the bike goes down in rpm and stalls, there are no warning lights and all the electronics remain on the bike then will not start until the key ignition is switched off and on.
Every time this has happened ive only been cruising at a constant speed, this could be seriously dangerouse as majority of rides are in hills
Has anyone had this problem or know what it could be?
Ps. Absolutely loving the bike it is my dream bike but not worth risking my life every time i take it out...
I also have a f4 2013 and a few months ago I spend something like, I was rolling on the bike when suddenly the bike was shut down completely dead and after all this research was a cable suitch ignition off (where it enters the key on) you can check this also as this is a failure of mv agusta, f4 have another friend I step 2013 and the same
I hope you can solve your problem.
excuse my friend does not speak English

Greetings from Colombia

yo tambien tengo una f4 2013 y hace unos meses me paso algo parecido ,estaba rodando en la moto ,cuando de repente la moto se apago totalmente muerta y despues de de tanto investigar era un cable de suitch de encendido despegado (donde entra la llave de encendido ) usted puede verificar esto tambien ya que esto es una falla de mv agusta , tengo otro amigo de f4 2013 y le paso lo mismo
espero pueda resolver su problema .
disculpe mi ingles amigo no lo hablo

saludos desde colombia

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