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Just some advice if You do so. The Shipping Agency You have to find byself.
A) The easiest is of Course Airfreight. Bring Your Bike the Cargo Terminal and pick it up at a Cargo Terminal. It will be done in a few Days, the US Customs keep Your Bike for a few Days to make sure it isn't stolen. I would say it would cost You roughly 3000 USD, Round Trip or No Return is about the same Price.
B) Sea Freight. Don't let them pick up Your Bike at home bring byself to the Port. Take a Container to share with other parties, rather than using a 40 Foot Container for Your own. Tight and store the Bike byself in this Container. Sharing a Container, means sharing all other Costs either. Container Rent, Handling, Sea Freight. Than You could come out with might even less than 400 USD. But it will take at least 4 to 6 Weeks.
C) Check about Customs Regulations:
-This is very very important. If you bring it temporary to Singapore (if this is even an option at all) You need to have a Canet du Permis. Which proofes that You will bring it out of the Country again. And here I'm not sure with Singapore, they have really though Regulations.
- For bringing the Bike permanently or at least longer than a Year I will not make You much hopes. Singapore has one of the highest Vehicel Taxation Program in the World. The Tax would be roughly as much as the Bike costs. Those for Import Tax, Road Tax etc.
Anyway the Embassy of Singapore could help You. A fair Shipping agent would tell You the same, but in general the have just to ship to the Destination, Custom Clearance and Reliability is on Your own.

I hope this helps You finding the right Decission. Tell us what Your decission would be. I bet You will sell Your Brutale and You will not have a Brutale in Singapore either. But good Luck.
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