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How much play ? There is about 1mm play left to right ( axial ) in my F4 . This is sprocket to carrier stack movement and as far as I can reason normal. As Ed says there should be no play radially ).

It is a fact that this normal movement left to right is not movement at the cush driver rubbers ( normally ! ).

Be careful if mixing later ( quick fit ) sprocket carriers to early models as there can be problems in alignment with the front sprocket .

I have seen brand new F3 with alot of this side to movement probably 2mm from memory. I have also seen a brand new F3 with no discernible movement

There was a whole thread on this and me and Adam threw our handbags at each other but we kissed and made up : ) ...It is very difficult to discuss on the interweb.

I did a diagram ..I'll have a look for it ( I did turf out a whole load of surplus paper a couple of days ago and it may have been mulched along with old tax returns ! )


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