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Angry Ticket for "overtaking / passing while unsafe"

Hi guys

on the weekend I made a mistake - i travelled at the speed limit and did not pass a vehicle because of double lines....

so when did legally pull out to pass (on my F41000R), two cops in car coming the other way (ie towards me) decided to give me a ticket.

The fact that the cop who booked me was the same one who pulled up and "officially cautioned" about 15 Ducati Club members (including me) a couple of months ago may have had something to do with it I guess.... ;-)

What I am interested in finding out, is whether anyone has had experience in putting together evidence about what sort of separation distance (between two oncoming vehicles doing 100-110 kmh is needed for a bike like a 1000 MV to safely pass (without going huge amounts over the speed limit of 100 kmh). Anyone know of any court cases with such expert evidence put forward (in any country)??

I'm wondering if i should go to court and argue the point. I had plenty of room and there was never any danger, so I am a bit annoyed at being "done" for this. Other times, fair enough. But please, actually catch me in the act, don't frame me!!! maybe the fact thatthe cops were speeding was a factor, but I couldn't argue that...




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