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Cool My day in court: CHP vs. Twoeleven

Today was my big day in court...If you remember, I had been ticketed for "Travelling more than 200 feet in a shared left-hand turn lane", that is the dash-lined center lane in a city road, used to escape traffic while preparing to turn left...Here is the entire thread, with LOTS of good advice on how to approach contesting a ticket.

Busted by the CHP

Although I didn't go this route, IMO the best possible scenario was offered up by Archille, I will try his approach next time(?), knocking on wood.

Anyway, the officer used the wrong vehicle code (ALWAYS lookup the entire code, and understand it!), and the 200 feet seemed to me to be a tough judgement call, so I gave it a go. I stayed up late last night, calculated that at an average speed (from 45 to 0 mph) of 22.5 MPH, I could drive in that lane for about 6 seconds (33 feet/second), and I had this planned into my defense. I also used Google maps/Satelite to depict the scene, and printed up copies of my stills of the crimescene to depict officer POV, etc.

I was as prepared as the OJ defense team, and I marched in there this morning to clear my honest name...I was the third name called, and I think the Honorable Mrs. Judge was a little sweet on me...

Judge: "Mr. Twoeleven?"
211: "What is it sweet-cheeks?"
Judge: "Mr. Twoeleven, the ticketing officer in your case is not present. All charges are dropped"
211: "Word. What are you doing after court, your Honoress?"

Ahhh, the fresh air of freedom never smelled so good. Glad I took the time to prepare, because all of my effort pretty much guaranteed he wouldn't show...Chicken.

Speed safely,

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