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Originally Posted by bwadejs View Post
So nearly walked out the dealership with an F4 today. All that stopped me is i do a lot of miles and i ride through very miserable winters. How would the F4 hold up to this? Do they last...can they be a workhorse?
I doubt it but wanna ask
As for reliability they are on par with Japanese bikes. There are little things here and there but the Japanese bikes have their little things as well.

The only thing I would caution you on is the F4 is not exactly the most practical "every day" bike. At lower speeds they are not as stable as many of the Japanese made machines. I find mine hates to loaf around in heavy traffic. They tend to attract a lot of unwanted attention and you have to be a bit cautious where you park them. They also don't tend to "wear" well. A Japanese bikes with a few scrapes and bruises looks ok but for some reason these same scrapes and bruises on an MV seem to be amplified by a factor of 10. Cosmetic parts on these bikes are not cheap.

My recommendation would be two bikes as well. A daily commuter for rain and parking anywhere and the F4 for those "perfect days".

I adore my F4. It's simply a wonderful piece of rolling artwork with a phenomenal sound. On an open road on a great day there's no other place I would rather be. I choose not to ride it "every day" so when I do get to ride it's a real treat.

Disclaimer. My advice is based on my experience with a F4 750. MV may have resolved some of the issues with the newer bikes and replaced them with different ones.
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