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2016 TVL - review after two weeks of ownership

Here is my review of the 2016 MV Agusta Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso based on the two weeks of ownership and my first 500 miles on it. I'd also like to do a short comparison to some other bikes I test rode before choosing TVL, but I'll save that for another post.

This is my first MV Agusta.


It may sound strange to start the motorcycle review with looks, but this is the MV Agusta we are talking about here. The TVL is absolutely gorgeous from any angle you look at it! Without a doubt, it looks better in the flesh - the pictures just do not do justice.

Every single curve in the bodywork is an absolute work of art. Every single part of the motorcycle looks just in the right place and compliments all the other parts surrounding it.

This is the motorcycle that makes the owner always look back at it, and not just walk away after the riding is done. Heck, I even make extra trips to my garage just to look at the TVL!


The TVL is also, IMHO, complete. This is only the second bike I own that I have absolutely no desire to put farkles on. Everything on it is as it should be right from the factory:

- Indicators are LED, already all in the right places.
- Brake and clutch levers have no free play and are nicely adjustable.
- Bodywork looks great without any carbon fiber embellishments.
- Exhaust style matches the rest of the bike.
- Tail tidy is not needed, the tail is already clean.
- The side cases cannot be integrated with the bike any better.


I am 5'11" and TVL fits me nicely. Given the stratospheric seat hight I was a bit surprised that the seat-to-pegs measures at only 18" (same as on my Ducati Monster 1200S). However, this definitely makes for an awesome ground clearance.

The body position is very comfortable, the slight lean forward is perfect for touring.

The rider's seat does not provide for much back-and-forth movement. Nevertheless, it turned out not to be a concern in the canyons as I could easily hang off the bike (albeit not as easily as on the Daytona ). Yes, it's not possible to move one's ass back and tuck all the way in at speed, but the bike will not go 150+ mph anyway (the 120 mph wall is real).

Handlebars are mounted on a very tall risers, thus making it easy to clear the tank at full lock. No fear of pinching hands in tight turns.

Windscreen is surprisingly capable. The air bubble is relatively small, but it's turbulence free. The windscreen is also very solid and does not flop around or buzz at speed as on some other bikes.


MV Agusta 800 triple in the TVL is an Ok motor. It is not as powerful as Ducati or KTM twins, nor it is as turbine-smooth as Triumph triples. The sound is somewhat agricultural or even diesel-like sometimes. There is no low range wave of torque, there is no mad rush at high rpms. There are no holes in the rpm range either. The name of the game for this engine is LINEAR. The engine does not force itself on the rider asking him to ride the bike as a cruiser or always scream near the rev limiter. The power is merely adequate, but it's predictable and usable everywhere.


Clutch is strange. The friction zone is well defined but somewhat mushy. Slipping the clutch with precision on the TVL is not as easy and natural as it should be. Also, there is a very pronounced rattling ("rolling marbles") feel in the engine with the clutch engaged in neutral (maybe this will be taken care by the clutch TSB). The slipper aspect of the clutch, however, works extremely well. Even screwed up rev-matching downshifts with this clutch are smooth and easy. Smooth upshifts, surprisingly - not so much.


Up and down quick-shifter works, however making clutch-less upshifts and downshifts requires throttle finesse. Apparently, the gearbox needs to be loaded just right. I'm still smoother with the clutch shifts (except for the full-throttle upshifts in which MV Agusta quick-shifter really shines).


Front brake is good. Stopping power is great, one may ask for more feel on the lever though. Rear brake is useless as it is. I may need to look at adjusting it or something.


Skyhook works as advertised. Make no mistake, this is not a "magic carpet" Ohlins. In the end, I have adjusted preload, put the electronic compression and rebound to "Hard" and forgot about it. Anti-dive works really well. Suspension is very stable and predictable in turns, at least in the Sport mode.

Steering is very light, though it's been a while since I rode a bike without a steering damper. Not sure TVL needs it unless you plan to do wheelies on it all the time.


Rider modes work, but not as clean and well defined as on Ducatis and BMWs. After playing with all the different settings (including custom tuning through iPhone Turismo Veloce+ app) I ended up using stock Sport mode most of the time. As for the ride-by-wire throttle, there is slightly felt disconnect between the throttle and the engine sometimes but not too much to cause a concern.


TVL is exactly the bike I was looking for. It is gorgeous, light, nimble, well designed, fun to ride hard and practical. Nerdy and modern enough with all the electronics and rider aids.

I ride (and I would venture a guess a lot of other riders do too) the bike for those rare fleeting moments when my mind, body and the machine become one in a pure bliss of flying through the curves on a deserted mountain road, enhanced by the scenery, sound, smell and vibration - nature, human and machine becoming something more that the sum of the parts. High-speed mechanically enhanced meditation, if you will.

Some special motorcycles are capable of taking their riders to that highly desired state of mind at will, but most of them punush their owners with some kind of brutal vengeance every second spent outside of "the zone" (cue in typical and inevitable comparision with women here).

TVL does not take the rider into "the zone" to the 10. It reliably delivers 8. But it does not punush on the exit either. Which makes it a great bike in my book.
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Nice review. I share lots of love for this bike. I am rarely riding my others these days tbh.
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The engine breaks in over time. Also, it benefits from non-stock pipes.

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Originally Posted by nostatic View Post
The engine breaks in over time. Also, it benefits from non-stock pipes.
I'll second that, I put FM projects on mine and WOW it can breathe....Really opens it up! I have a little over 4k on mine, and it does benefit from a break in period, everything works very good. Tuning suspension takes time with your preferences.

IMHO, and for my riding style it performs better than a 2015/16 DUC MS-s. In comparison DUC is heavy, sluggish handling. The TVL is very nimble, very quick and easy on the body, also I can tune the bike to many types of conditions on the fly. A big plus with the MV APP.
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No one is going to ruin this day for me!
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Thank you for your feedback, guys!

I agree that the stock TVL exhaust is too quiet. As it is I hear and feel the engine, not exhaust, when I ride.

I'm looking at the available aftermarket exhaust systems for TVL. FM Project looks really nice, sounds great on youtube, but some reviews on this forum indicate that it is a bit loud. QD and HP Corse Hydro look good too, I'm not sure about the sound.

At this point I'm keeping stock pipes. It would be nice if MV Agusta would offer OEM high-performance "off-road" exhaust option, but alas it's not offered. I had very good experience with full Termignoni on my Monster 1200S and OEM Arrow setup for my Daytona 675R. Both systems came with OEM ECU up-maps, which, IMHO - especially in the case of Ducati Termignoni setup - completely transformed the bike.

I'm learning the clutch and I think I'm getting better at feeling it (I've stopped using quick-shifter altogether for now). Upshifts are getting smoother. Downshifts are very smooth.

My right thumb is not capable of the yoga move required to engage the cruise control smoothly. However, I've learned a trick to do it using left hand only moving the menu rocker switch on the left handlebar: RIGHT->RIGHT->RIGHT->PUSH. No looking at the dash required. Engages every time

Last night the bike threw "GPS Sensor Error" on the startup screen and now it keeps happening on every power-up. I'm planning to remove the left fairing panel to make sure the bloody GPS thing is still connected. Otherwise I have no idea how it could fail. Anybody else seen this error?

Overall, I love my TVL!
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Franka, what do you think of the sound level of the FM exhaust? Do you ride with earplugs?

Originally Posted by franka65 View Post
I put FM projects on mine and WOW it can breathe....Really opens it up!
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I have the QD, I think the sound is great and louder than stock but not offensive with the baffles in. Although I don't think it's compatible with a centre stand.
I use the quickshifter all the time (when it's working!), both up and down, shifts beautifully on up changes as long as you have positive load on the drive train, doesn't need to wide open, just pulling. It will improve as the the bike runs in and the the gearbox action gets smoother.

Turismo Veloce
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Thanks for the write up apelsinelise.

I have the HP Corse Hydro Tre fitted to my TVL. This works with the centre stand and isn't as loud as the FM Project. Quality is superb, as I would expect 'cause it was pretty expensive. The burble on the overrun is something that you either like or dislike.

Only other mods I've done are as follows:

Puig screen; better than OEM for wind protection and noise, effectiveness depends on your height.

R&G radiator guard; essential given the shorty front mudguard.

R&G crash bungs; just in case...

MV comfort rider and pillion seats. Originals are good but these are a touch firmer, have gel inserts and look great. A week's tour just done on these and I didn't have any issues/aches etc. Two bigger tours coming up between next Friday and mid July as an acid test.

Givi tanklock tank bag; supplements panniers for a week or two away from home. It's a sports tourer after all
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Hi apelsinelise,
I have also the HP Hydro Tre fitted to my Lusso.... before I had the QD but he was a bit to loud for me and my neighbours :-)
So with the HP Hydro Tre it is just perfect after I modified the baffles a little bit... Now I'm happy and my neighbours too :-)

here the Link to the post:


2016 Turismo Veloce 800 Lusso
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Looks like HP Hydro Tre is getting the votes... time to research it.

On the side note, I don't think my quickshifter works properly. Well... the "up-quick" portion works but "down-blip" doesn't.

On the dash setup page for quickshifter there are just two settings: "ON - OFF" and "DYNAMIC: UP - UP/DOWN".

1. Turning quickshifter OFF disables clutchless upshifts as expected. I can still downshift without using the clutch if the throttle is slightly open (slipper clutch smoothes out the downshift perfectly well by itself).

2. Turning quickshifter ON enables clutchless upshifts in exactly the same manner quickshifter works on my Daytona 675R. Click - shift. No drama.

3. Now, "DYNAMIC" setting has no effect on my TVL whatsoever. I can downshift without the clutch if the throttle is partially open regardless of the setting. I CANNOT downshift without the clutch with throttle fully closed regardless of this setting. Or any quickshifter setting for that matter.

I thought the whole point of autoblipper is to be able to downshift with the throttle fully closed. But it's not happening.

Does this make any sense?
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