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Potential Brutale owner from Perth WA

Good day to all. I have admired MV's for years, had a mate who owned an America back in the late 70's. Another mate had a 125 single...which we converted to methanol for historic racing. It was a noisy little bugger and a lot of fun, wonder where it fetched up?
I was looking at a Corsa yesterday, very impressed! So - I will take the plunge, depending on how much I can get for my H-D V Rod....2011 VRSCF, modified with BST wheels, Akra 2>1 and H-D mid-mount footrests among other things. Goes like a rocket and handles surprisingly well but it's a big heavy sod of a thing.
I owned bevel drive Ducatis (long, long ago) and have some not so fond memories of 70's Italian electrical systems, I take it things have improved? The other MV issues seems to be rear hub failure and low speed fuelling but I take it those has been resolved with the 2013 bikes?
I have been reading this forum for a couple of days, very informative. Hope to post pics of the new toy soon.
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