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Originally Posted by crash2much View Post
Ducati's equivalent model would be the Streetfighter 1098S. If you go on Cycle Trader asking prices for 2010 and 2011 SF1098S are in the $13k-$15k.
Compared to the Brutale 1090RR, the SF is an ill handling, uncomfortable, ugly, and unrefined motorcycle. The Brutale is 10 times the bike that the SF could only dream to be - that is my opinion.
Having said that, I find that a newer (2012), clean 1090RR is worth every bit of $14k.

Unfortunately, used Brutales (and MVs in general) are way underpriced, considering how good these bikes really are. Resale values are low and it is to a big part because long time MV owners such as the ones responding to this thread, are supporting the excessive devaluation of these absolutely brilliant motorcycles.

It's the equivalent of shooting yourself in the foot. By endorsing these crappy low resale values, these owners are very effectively devaluing their own motorcycles/possessions.

I am not sure who is served well by this, but based on any models I have studied in business school (BA & MBA) and using a good dose of common sense, this is simply piss poor business practice that makes no financial sense.

As long as "experts" and owners support this crazy devaluation, there is one more reason why MV Agusta and our beloved bikes will continuously struggle to be taken serious and gain the respect that they so much deserve in the motorcycle industry.

To the original question specifically, one thing is for sure, even if you pay the 14k for the bike, you will never regret the money you spent on this bike - it is so incredibly good and rewarding!!!
I completely agree and a while ago I raised the same kind of arguments. Okay, little bit different situation, but same intention. People over here commenting prices on bikes that are here for sale. It does not make sense at all. Especially not if you don't intend to buy it anyway. Sometimes I have the impression that those comments only come from the aspect the some think they are so smart and want to show that... With the exeption of those who have the best intentions of course nobody needs to be offended and if you do then you are probably in the first category

And 14.000 sounds reasonable to me for such a bike. But then... What do I know... In the end it all comes down what you want to have and what you are willing to pay. If you figured that out who cares about anything else...

What a beast of a motorcycle!
It growls and rages and flies across the tarmac like a wild animal that has escaped the confinement of a cage and after merely waiting restlessly until the release, will not endure being locked up ever again.

Skye I miss you. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux.
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