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Saying Hello

Hi from North Wales.

I have had my MV just over a year now, a 1000S in matte black on a 2006 plate.

It had just over 2k miles on it but not very mint as it had minor cosmetics after coming off the MV supplied paddock stand. This made it a cheap purchase.

I sorted the stand out by having 2mm machined off the nylon part which was fatter than the axle so it now fits, and I don't repeat the drama.

So 2k miles later done half on track and a few rides around Snowdonia, I started to believe I had purchased an MV with none of the faults I had read about on here.....until last weekend at a trackday.

After being a bike that starts right on the button, it's now turned into a lottery whether it cranks or not. Nothing on the button, but if you fire it when the dash is doing its checks, it cranks well and fires.

Halfway through the weekend the rear tyre let go, so over to the Pirrelli guys to fit a new Super Corsa. Even with the 3/4 inch truck rattle gun it refused to budge for 5 mins, and when it did it left about 5mm of the nuts threads stuck on the axle.

Then to finish the weekend off I could smell coolant only to find I had the common split top row on the radiator.

Well they say things come in threes so I hope that's all the drama for this week.


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