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All of those parts will help the performance of the bike. The bonus is they very well may be cheaper than buying new oem parts. Suspension and wheels you will notice a definite difference, while calipers will be more of a subjective thing unless you really push your bike a lot. Regular cast/oem monoblocks probably not going to be very noticable, if at all. On the other hand if you spring for something in the Brembo performance/race line(i.e. super spendy) then that will certainly be an upgrade one will notice. Also, upgrading the stock master cylinder is a good idea. Brembo is most folks first choice, but there are some good alternatives out there as well. You'll want to research the difference in sizes of pumps so you can determine which would be the best fit for your style of riding. The carbon may save a few pounds but not much else other than looking really nice and different that a stock bike. If the panels are out there they may end up being cheaper than oem stuff through the dealer so might not be a bad idea.
No matter what you decide to get it will always be more expensive to go though the local dealer. Most parts you are looking for can be found on here and i think there are some nice parts currently on ebay too.

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