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Proud owner of a f4r my12 with a question.

Hi everybody.

Since last friday i am a proud owner of a new 2012 f4r.
Im breaking down the first 500 km and i have 300 so far.

What i am experiencing at the moment is that from 2nd gear and up.
If i let throttle eas off at 4000rpm down to 3000rpm i feel a mechanical click as if something shoots back ore shuts something like that. I can hear it and i can feel it in the feet rests.

Anyone might know what this is.
Is it normale ore.

On a different mode WHAT A BIKE i had japs before this one but man o man.
The fuel consumption though is crazy 150km and the light comes on.
Drives like a dream though corners are so easy and under full controle.
Allthough i havent really give it a poke on the gas yet really want to break it in nicely.

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