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Dido with what Donsy said. Take it back to the dealer as I'm sure it's still under warranty. Have you broke the bike down yet? You can remove the tank and air box, remove top part of air box to where the throttle bodies and injectors can be seen ( kind of put the tank on a high enough seat or stack of boxes so you can keep the fuel lines connected) and crank it up and rev the throttle and see if your theory is correct. I have only had my 2012 f4 r for less than a 1 1/2 years but have broke it all the way down to just the engine and I can tell you I don't see how oil can get in your air box. I do wheelies all the time and put the knee down too and still can't see that happening. At first glance it sounds like your problem is due to fuel I'm terms I running to lean which has to so with the map your running.

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