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OIL smoke from the exhaust

so i put up a thread a while ago, stating my problem with my 2010 F4 pumping oil smoke out the exhaust on start up after doing a wheelie, that it was geting oil in the airbox

well... more of an update, and more bad news.... when on the throttle hard now it will some times blow a cloud of smoke out the exhaust (not just if u do a wheelie) it did this yesterday on a ride.... and i now know the oil is coming from the tapper cover breathers

what i'm not sure of is what could be causing this.... it wont do it all the time which is odd, if it where a valve seal, or a damaged valve it should do it all the time right??? i'm not sure if there is some kind of a one way valve that may have craped itself causing blow by?

what is clear is there is oil coming from the tapper cover breather into the airbox, so much that its actually leaking from the airbox and out around the throttle bodies on the left hand side.... still not enough to see a difference on the sight glass tho.... this oil may have been building up from when the issue first started as i have not cleaned in around the throttle bodies for a while

i will talk to the perth dealer again on monday who so far have not been much help

what i would really like to know is, is there any kind of a breather valve for the tapper cover breather lines? because that would make sense.... and be easy to fix, if not the bike will have to be striped to find the issue which i really dont want

any idea's guys ?

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