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I have the Ricambi Weiss fairing bracket, they delivered it OK.

It's worth having a look on the ignition lock location (if Your bikes still have it)
The key sticks up pretty high, so if the bike rolls over if get damaged fairly easily.

I'll have a look if it can be relocated lower when using the race fairing bracket.

Regarding the older wheels - I have a pair of the original silver star wheels as a second pair.
Rear is straight fit, for front You need the spacers that came with pre 2010 bikes that had Marzocchi fork and Brembo brakes.
They are not expensive and if You have access to a lathe allso easy to make.
If You have an extra front wheel axle just keep it in the old wheel with the spacers in place - no hassle.

(Edit: part no. for the spacers is 8000A3470, I'd guess they're around 40-50€ from Startwin incl moms).

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