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Originally Posted by SuperStu View Post
I finally got the full Ti exhaust system from Evolutionbike fitted and ECU installed on the 1090 RR and all went fairly smoothly.

Regarding the Secondary Air Circuit, I blocked off the air feed from the airbox to the secondary air circuit using the rubber plug supplied, disconnected the power feed to the S E C solenoid, and re-connected the air feed hose to the airbox


Hi Stu: You are the second person to have made reference to a rubber plug supplied with your exhaust, and used to block off a connection in the air box. I would greatly appreciate any elaboration on the plug, and where the modifications are, with great specificity.

I received my exhaust from MV USA early in 2010 and was told that being the first installed in the USA and as i was installing it myself, Varese had asked Eraldo at FBF to vet the installation instructions for use in the USA. I'm in the USA, and neither the instructions, or the components of the exhaust made any reference to plugging any air connections.

If your instruction sheet discusses this or has photos, I'd welcome a copy or scanned image. Might you be able to assist me?

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