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My dealer is loading the ECU map to see if they can tune it. They are quite good and have remapped most Duc's. Since the MV uses the MM 7BM ECU, its slightly different, so they'll take a look and see what they get. My guess is they'll get the fueling a bit smoother and perhaps gain a bit more.

The RG4 is probably not the absolute best option, but its essentially the only option if you wanted to stay with the square pipes. I'm going to live with the square look for a little awhile. If I get sick of it, then I'll go back to the round and look at Bodi's or MotoCorse. You don't gain much except for the cat removal as the RG4 exhaust is about the same weight as the stock one.

Anyone know if Bodi/MotoCorse slip-ons will fit on the RG4 link pipe ? I believe it would as I'd like to keep something and not replace everything all over again if I do change.

I was impressed with 172hp base though.
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