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Nearly dropped her!

Well this was unexpected...
Pootling along in traffic down main street a hill in one of our local 'sea side towns'.. bike in 2nd gear feathering the clutch in and out and my right hand lightly holding a shut off throttle. The car in front along with the rest of the traffic move forward creating a gap....I unexpectedly go into a dip/rut in the road and my 'lightly' gripping throttle hand slipped and jerks the throttle round 'suddenly'!
Lucky there was 'that' gap to the back of the car in front as my bike shot forward violently! . And I was very fortunate I wasn't into the back of him!
More embarrassing than anything else with the huge rev of the engine and me outa control. (lucky I had my black visor down)
When your'e at your most relaxed and something like this happens instantly...boy that throttle is 'sensitive'!!
It's not like me though...and gives me a cold shiver every time I think about it
Be careful
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