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Cornering Question - Basic counsteering vs. Advance steering.

I'm familiar with counter steering and body steering (well, at least I think I am) but notice something in my riding. My commute is through residential canyons with a speed limit of mostly 30mph and there are a few 10 mph decreasing radius turns. I usually cruise around 40mph.

The most effective and comfortable steering method for me is to simple push on the handle bars BUT keeping my body upright (body's at a 90 degree angle to the ground). This goes back to the MSF safety class I took years ago.

However, if I push the handle bars, add some weight to the pegs, and give some body lean, the input seems way too much and I end up throwing off my line and my cornering speed is much lower than the simple push on the handle bars. The bikes doesn't seem to respond to well to this style on those roads.

If I remain at a 90 degree angel and push the bars, I'm actually working against the bike right? Also, this is street riding so I'm not trying to get a knee down or anything and I'm not looking to go double the speed limit on a residential canyon. I'm just a little confused on what works for me and why it works.
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