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^^^ Gotta agree with Mr. Donsy here.

I was rear ended on my Aprilia RSVR last December. He hit me hard, hard enough to break the CF BST rear wheel, but it surprised me that the bike went forward with enough force to break the front BST too when it hit the car in front of me.

I still don't doubt that BST wheels meet Japanese JWL, US DOT, and the tougher German TUV standards. I'm sure an aluminum wheel would've bent on the rear, but I wonder about the front.

Don't misunderstand please. I could absolutely feel the difference with these wheels when I first rolled off with them. First thing I noticed was how much better and harder the bike braked. Then that the bike responded to steering input at 70 mph like it did before at maybe 30 or 40. Last, the accelleration (sp?) was quicker, much quicker by my well tuned butt dyno.

Still, they didn't crash well. To a point, aluminum wheels can be straightened. Carbon fiber, like any FRP doesn't bend, it breaks.
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