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Rockethouse above reply got me thinking. Maybe this whole thread is to hard to understand.

Here is a simply reply.

I got a letter from Claudio Castiglioni @ MV Agusta in June 2005, the letter is below:

I could not make the offical meeting in Italy last year.

But I would like to make an attempt to get everyone signed-up that would like to and receive all the goodies and establish all owners in the USA in that officaly MV Agusta Factory Club.

I understand we won't be going to Italy and I do understand they may not make a trip to USA to have a meeting. But they aren't going to support such a meeting unless we get our owners together and be a part of the Offical MV Agusta Factory Club no matter where we are located.

The dues we will be giving are going to the Official MV Agusta Factory Club that Claudio Castiglioni started last year June/July 2005.

Here is a link to that site.
By the way this is not the same letter I got in the mail last year June 2005.
The letter I got was before the official meeting.

This is NOT a seperate club! We will have (1) founder and (?) associate members. The founder will be the President and the associate will be members of that country.

If you look at the registration form that Claudio sent it says, founder, and associate. I am not italian but that is how I understand it. Founder=President of the Country you reside/USA
Associate=Members of the Country you reside/USA.

I hope that makes a little more sense but if it doesn't let me know.

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